Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday Interview (Part 2)

Here we go, the summary of the second part of the Hereditary Grand Duke's birthday inteview. In case you have missed it, I already summed up that part of the interview that Wort has published online; now it is time for the rest of the interview published in Le Quotidien.

Talking about his general life, Guillaume admits that of course he isn't as free as other people to live his life, it is a reality he accepted a long time ago. He says that he is lucky to live in Luxembourg where people recognise him but it still isn't a problem to go to the cinema for example. When is wants to be completely free in what he wants to do, he simply goes abroad where people usually do not recognise him and he can live a private life without any restrictions.

He adds that his position wasn't a problem when he attended primary school in Lorentzweiler where he was just a regular kid. When he went to high school things changed as some classmates treated him differently and that it was very hard for him. When he went abroad to attend boarding school in Switzerland he was able to take full advantage of his teenage years.

Today, it is both a boon and bane to be a prince when meeting people. It is easier to meet people, but you have to carefully consider whether that person likes the prince or the person. Guillaume adds that it was great to grow up with three brothers and a sister and that he wishes the same for his own children in the future.
The Ierfgroussherzog recounts that the first time he faced and was deeply touched by the miseries of this world was when he went to Nepal with the scouts [If my memory serves me right, he went there in 1997.] His stay in the Asian country served for him as a lesson for life.

He enjoys travelling, preferably in Europe. His favourite cities include Brussels and Geneva. Not that it would come as a surprise, but Guillaume also says that he is does believe in God and that he goes to church regularly.

Asked about his strenghts and weaknesses, Guillaume laughs and remarks that the question sounds like one from a job interview. He then goes on to tell that he believes that one of his strong points is the openness when meeting people he inherited from his mother. To answer the tricky part of the questions he admits that sometimes he needs to cultivate himself more and read more.

Being asked what he reponds when people accuse him of having an easy life, Guillaume says that they should come and see. He explains that the palais works like a small enterprise as it is a real job to represent Luxembourg in the best way possible. A lot of preperations are necessary, so the days are very busy and the pace demanding. He adds that they are far from an at least 40 hour week.

If it wouldn't be his destiny to become the next Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Guillaume would have liked to work in the economy or in the field of philosophy as he enjoyed those two and history lessons most during his university years. Nevertheless, he embraces his role as the future head of state but doubts that he would be ready if he would have to take over just yet. Guillaume thinks that his still needs to gain more experience and that time is the only solution for this. He also adds that he will to his future job differently than his father does now. [In his enthronement anniversary interview last year, Grand Duke Henri also stated that he and Guillaume don't always agree on decisions made.]

Asked why he thinks that the Portuguese community in Luxembourg is so fond of the Grand Ducal Family, he jokingly says that they also have a bit of Portuguese blood running through their veins. [Genealogy check: Both his paternal grandmothers were born infantas of Portugal. Infanta Maria Ana (the mother of Grand Duchess Charlotte) and Infanta Maria Antonia (the mother of Prince Félix) were daughters of King Miguel I of Portugal. Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte's great-grand mother, Infanta Maria Josepha, was also a daughter of King Miguel.] He also adds that they are very happy about the approval and love they get from Luxembourg's largest group of immigrants.

On a similar note, not only Belgian TV will show an interview with the Hereditary Grand Duke. Tomorrow evening RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg will air the first part of a birthday special about Guillaume, including an interview and footage of his everyday life. Which, I suppose, means that my suspicion was right that Lux TV had actually followed him around for the last couple of months. Usually, RTL uploads the videos of their shows sometime during the evening hours; so, make sure to check back tomorrow for more about Guillaume's 30th.

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