Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prince Guillaume Becomes Ambassador

Sometimes it does take some time until we find out about an event a member of the Grand Ducal Family has attended, especially when it comes to lesser known and lesser written about parts of the family. This time the big thank you goes to Iza for providing the information about this event Prince Guillaume attended about two weeks ago. See, he is actually one of the better covered members of the family but still it takes some time...

On October 16th, Prince Guillaume attended an event at the French embassy in Luxembourg hosted by the L'Académie Gourmande. The gourmet academy was founded in 2007 to promote good dining and regional French products, since 2010 it works on national level in France and this year they have gone international.

Hence they hosted an event at the embassy to promote the French way of gourmandising in the Grand Duchy and appointed twenty Luxembourgers (or people living in Luxembourg) as their ambassadors, Prince Guillaume was among the lucky ones.

Pictures of the event, including Guillaume wearing a chef's jacket, can be found here and one in higher quality here.


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