Thursday, November 10, 2011

TV Inteview (Part 2): The Private Guillaume

The second part of RTL's birthday special is now available online. Sadly, it is only eight minutes long, I had hoped for at least the same length as the first part. Anyway, I shouldn't talk too much as I know you only want the interview, so here is the link ;)

The second part of the documentary focuses more on the private life of the Hereditary Grand Duke. He tells that he very much enjoyed growing up in such large family and that the older he gets, the smaller becomes the age difference between him and his youngest siblings. For his future, he wishes for an equally large family but that he does not think too much about children yet as it is "the second step". He also tells that he loves to spend time with Gabriel and Noah.

And now on to what would be the "first step" before having children, a wedding. Being asked that "Luxembourg would love to see a wedding and whether there is a candidate for the second leading role in the fairytale", he answers that there is a candidate as he has a girlfriend. In difference to what was published on the website of Eldoradio, Guillaume says that they have been a couple for about half a year but have known each other for five years. He also reveals that she is from abroad but has already visited Luxembourg and likes the Grand Duchy very much. Asked what he likes about her, he answers with a wonderful French saying and quote by polymath Blaise Pascal "Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point." (The heart has its reasons, reason doesn't know.)
My dear Guillaume, you just scored another winning point as I love a man who says something romantic once in a while. Too bad, I am not your girlfriend; and on the edge of prefering a certain cousin of yours...

While you are at it, you can also watch three previews for Saturday's Place Royale. The first one is about the Hereditary Grand Duke's relationship with the other European Crown Princes and why they all grew a beard at the same time, while the second one reveals to you what Guillaume does on a free evening in Luxembourg. Number three is about the cooking and dancing Hereditary Grand Duke.


  1. Hope she's the right one, he deserve someone really nice and as he is talking about her on public I think he is deeply in love, hope she also.

  2. There's a third preview where he talks about liking to go out and dance- he's not sure if he's a good dancer, but he likes it nonetheless.  He also says that he likes to cook, he likes to invent things, and that he usually adapts what he's cooking for the people he's cooking for.

    He's too cute, I can't stand it.