Tuesday, November 8, 2011

À Propos D'Interview...

I did a lengthy post about Guillaume's birthday interview earlier today. In the post I speculated whether Wort had published the whole interview online or just parts. Even though it seemed a bit short; I tended to believe that it was the whole thing but as it turns out, it wasn't.

PaperJam.lu and Le Quotidien both have other parts of the interview, though I am still not sure how long the actual interview was as all three published articles partly contain the same questions while some others are different. It does seem to me that Le Quotidien might have the full interview. Additionally, Revue features a big special about Guillaume in this week's issue.

I might do an overview of the PaperJam and Le Quotidien articles later on; sadly, I also have other things to do in life than blogging. Now, that would be a life ;)

An often asked question is whether there will be any official celebration of Guillaume's birthday. The cour hasn't published anything in the agenda and the man of honour himself said in the interview that he will celebrate his birthday with some friends in Luxembourg. So no, there won't be a big birthday bash like the one for Maxima or the one for Märtha-Louise.

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