Friday, October 19, 2012

First Pictures of Civil Wedding

Just a few screenshots from the livestream on the website of RTL to give you a first impression of Stephanie, Guillaume and the family.

Stephanie looks simply stunning!! She wears Chanel. The Grand Duchess opted for Elie Saab, Princess Alexandra for Dior and Princess Tessy for Ralph Lauren.

The couple really took their time to great the onlookers. They shook many hands, received flowers, letters and paintings by young children. You could frequently hear the crowd shouting "Guillaume" and "Stephanie". Funnily, in the beginning it was the name of the groom, but as they went further along, everyone shouted for the bride. Both interacted a lot with the crowd. Stephanie hugged and kissed a few of the children.


  1. Thank you - I didn't see the arrivals to for the civil ceremony but now am watching the live feed on Is the ceremony over?

  2. Did you see who was walking with Felix? Was that his girlfriend? I haven't seen her in quite a while so I wasn't sure. I also saw a side shot of Princess Tessy on Wort that made her look like she might be expecting? I try not to be someone that does that...and maybe it was the dress just falling funny in the photo...but it sure looked odd to me. Either way - HAPPY DAY!!!

  3. Yes, the ceremony is over. They are married.

  4. yay!, thank you for posting the pics so quickly!
    thank you also for the background info you have been providing. it adds so much to my experience.

    and so to fashion:
    stephanie: nice suit; i wonder if the stand-up collar presages a stand-up collar on her wedding dress? really wish she had given her purse to someone when she was outside, cause it hampered her ability to move naturally, wave, etc. get rid of the purse, carry the pretty flowers, is what i would have done. (cause i like to plan for the day i marry a prince, you know :) )
    interesting hairstyle. slightly limp curls, but i like the upper part tho wish it had been slightly looser to soften the effect around her face.

    m-t: gorgeous! the only word that works is gorgeous. this is the benefit to being older and having self-confidence - you can wear gold lame and gold embroidery to an afternoon event. def the best dressed at the civil ceremony imo. also really like her hair.

    alexandra: v pretty (as always), but, unlike m-t, her outfit seems more evening cocktail reception than afternoon wedding. i also don't like the "nude" shoe which looks a little too pink for the silvery dress.

    tessy: a little too tight around the middle, but a pretty dress.

    guillaume: handsome as always, with extra points for looking so happy and relaxed!