Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Order of Saint Isabel

Yesterday, The Duchess of Braganza awarded the Order of Saint Isabel to several royal ladies for their charitable work. The award is granted because these ladies engage in work that has a particular focus on Portugal and/or Portuguese persons.

The ladies who received the order are The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein (nee Luxembourg), Crown Princess Margarita of Romania, The Princess of Ligne (nee Orleans-Braganza),  and Princess Christine of Orleans-Braganza (nee Ligne). These royal ladies were supported by the attendance of their husbands and relatives: The Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein, The Prince of Ligne, The Duke of Vendome, Prince Antonio of Orleans-Braganza, Prince Radu of Romania and several others.

The order was presented to the royal ladies in a ceremony held in Rome. A reception followed at the Portuguese diplomatic mission to the Holy See.

The Order of Saint Isabel was created in 1801 by Joao IV in honor of Queen Isabella of Aragon (consort of King Denis). Isabella was canonized in 1625 by Pope Urban III.

The order became a dynastic order of the royal family in 1901 when the Republic was established. The Duchess of Braganza became Grand Mistress of the order after her marriage to The Duke of Braganza in 1995.

Photos of the events are located on Prince Radu of Romania's blog.

Source: the blog of Prince Radu of Romania. 

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