Thursday, October 18, 2012

Symbolic Gifts to the Treasury of the Lady of Consolation

Apart from a new dress for the statue of the Virgin Mary made of the wedding dress of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and a veil that belonged to Countess Alix de Lannoy, there will be more symbolic pieces in the cathedral.

The statue will also be adorned by a rosary made of rock crystal that once belonged to Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's grandmother Maria Narcisa Alvarez Tabio. Additionally, the infant Jesus will wear the baptism medal of the Grand Duchess, as well as a medallion with pictures of both the bridal couple and the grand ducal family. Afterwards all the pieces will be added to the jewellery collection of the Lady of Consolation in the treasury of the Cathedral.

This way Grand Duchess Maria Teresa joins a long list of members of the grand ducal family who gave belongings of personal value to the treasury, something she wished to do for quite some time. For example, Grand Duchess Charlotte donated the rosary that accompanied her during her years of exile during World War II to the treasury.

Source: CGD

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