Monday, June 10, 2013

Behind the Scenes

The cour grand-ducale has granted French TV channel TF1 a rare look behind the scenes. During the short report in French, you can see the insides of the palais grand-ducal and the Château de Berg as well as short glimpses of the Grand Ducal Family and Princess Nora of Liechtenstein at the reception on the day of the opening ceremony of the Games of the Small States of Europe.

The report starts at about 23:00

In case the embedded video above does not work, it can also be found on the website of TF1, before and after you can also see reports about other aspects of lovely Luxembourg. Even if you do not understand French, it's definetely worth checking it out as we don't often get inside glimpses of the Grand Ducal residences, especially of the Château de Berg.

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