Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grand Duke's Brothers Willing to Appear in Court

The cour grand-ducale has issued a statement regarding Prince Jean and Prince Guillaume in relation to the Bommeleeër case stating that both will appear in court to make their witness statements. (Have a look at our recent post as to why the Grand Duke's brothers are due to appear in court anyway.)

The statement of the cour reads that both Prince Jean and Prince Guillaume have already demonstrated their will to fulfill their civic duties by appearing in front of the court back in February when all called witnesses had to be appear in court at the beginning of the Bommeleeër trial. They will continue to do so by testifying in front of the court when called upon and have at no point in time considered to make provision of article 510 and following of the Code d’instruction criminelle which would allow princes and princesses as well as other dignitaries of the Empire - it was written in 1812... - not to testify. The cour also lets everyone know that the princes can't wait to hear about the outcome of the trial hoping that it will shed some light on the matter.

Source: RTL

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