Friday, June 28, 2013

Official Visit to Singapore *

Photo: MFA
Since Wednesday, Hereditary Prince Alois has been visiting Singapore for a bunch of things. Singapore's prime minister Lee Hsien Loong invited the Liechtenstein regent for his second official visit to the Southeast Asian country. The Hereditary Prince was accompanied by his country's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Education and Culture, Dr Aurelia Frick, as well as a delegation consisting of officials and businessmen as well as the prince's uncle Prince Philipp and his brother Prince Max with wife Princess Angela but more on that in a second.

Over the last few days, Hereditary Prince Alois has met with different Singaporean officials, ranging from aforementioned prime minister, president Tony Tan Keng Yam, to the ministers of foreign affairs, trade and finance. During the course of the meetings a double tax agreement was signed. The Hereditary Prince also was the guest of honour at the official opening of the Consulate of the Principality of Liechtenstein and held a lecture at the National University of Singapore talking about "The Chances and Challenges of Liechtenstein". In addition, there were several business meetings to talk about possible investements in Singapore and Liechtenstein.

Photo: PD / Liechtensteiner Vaterland /
The highlight of the Singapore visit  - at least for all art lovers and the purpose of this blog - was the opening of the exhibition "Princely Treasures of the House of Liechtenstein" at the National Museum of Singapore on Wednesday night. As the art exhibit is sponsored by the family-owned LGT Group, it's not too surprising - though very nice nonetheless - that the Hereditary Prince was joined by his brother Prince Max, CEO and president, who brought along his wife Princess Angela, as well as their uncle Prince Philipp, who is the chairman of the board of trustees of the LGT.

(In case you can't locate them on the picture, have a look at our Who's Who to identify them.)

The exhibition consisting of 91 art works owned by the Princely Family is currently touring Asia; earlier this year it was viewable in three Japanese cities and it will move to Beijing and Shanghai later on. The Princely Family owns what is considered one of the most important private art collections in the whole world. The exhibition in Singapore will run until 29 September.

More information and pictures are located at Volksblatt, Vaterland, the website of the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Presseportal which features the press release of the Liechtenstein government. You can also enjoy a news video of the visit at Channel News Asia - A special thanks to the always informative Royal Correspondent who sent in the link! - and one by Loo & Partners LLP on Youtube.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore, IKR

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