Sunday, June 23, 2013

Liechtenstein Side Notes

The seemingly always travelling Prince Philipp was in Au in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland on last Thursday. In front of the local Rotary Club he held a speech about the "Responsibility of the Citizen - the Citizen as Sovereign", one of his family's favourite topics.

Next week, Hereditary Prince Alois will pay a visit to Singapore. Among other more political stuff, the Hereditary Prince will open the exhibition "Princely Treasures of the House of Liechtenstein" at the National Museum in Singapore. The delegation with which he travels will also be visiting Hong Kong but it's not yet clear - to me, I'm sure they know - whether Hereditary Prince Alois will accompany them.

On 25 June, Prince Nikolaus will participate in a discussion forum about state and church and the seperation of the two, a topic currently much debated in the Principality. The panel will take place in Schaan and other participants include the head of government, Adrian Hasler.

On 28 June, Princess Marie, the wife of Prince Constantin, will be among the guests at the summer ball of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. It's a charity event in support of the additional riding school for Lipizzan horses located at the Hofburg. Considering the fact that Prince Philipp's wife, Princess Isabelle, has attended many of their events in the past, I wouldn't be too surprised to see her either.

Sources: RC Au,, Volksblatt, Vaterland

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