Saturday, June 29, 2013

Representing Liechtenstein

Photo: 1 FL TV
The trainees of the Swiss diplomatic and consular service visited Liechtenstein over the past two days in order to get an impression and to learn about the Principality which many of them will represent diplomaticly in the future. During their visit, they were received at Schloss Vaduz by Prince Hans-Adam II.

As Liechtenstein is a pretty small country, the country only maintains few diplomatic missions in other countries. The Principality has embassies in Austria, which also serves for the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the United States of America as well as a non-resident ambassador to the Holy See. In addition, it has permanent representations in Brussels, Geneva, Strasbourg and New York City to the different major multilateral organisations as well as a bunch of consulates. In all other countries, Liechtenstein is represented by Switzerland who also offer all services to Liechtensteiners that they offer their own citizens.

A video of the trainees visiting the Prince can be found at 1 FL TV.

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