Thursday, November 24, 2016

Grand Duchess Celebrates 10 Years of LuxFLAG

© 2016 Cour grand-ducale / Claude Piscitelli 

Yesterday the Grand Duchess and the Minister of Finance attended an event to mark the 10th anniversary of LuxFLAG. Maria Teresa is the honorary president of the organization. LuxFLAG is a financial labeling organization that promotes sustainable financial practices in the areas of micro-finance, the environment and climate change. The organization has 13 billion in funds under their label and all funds must meet a strict criteria. Among the criteria are high standards of sustainability and social responsibility. These are causes near and dear to the Grand Duchess' heart. During her speech she commended the organization for adding credibility to Luxembourg's financial sector in these areas. She stressed that universities and management institutes should do more than prepare students for financial success. She stated that they must prepare students for the ethical dilemmas they will inevitably face. She also pointed out that people, not money, are the center of economic activity.

The cour has several nice photos.

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