Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hereditary Grand Duke Visits Ancestral Home in Germany

Photo: Weilburger Tageblatt
Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume visited the German town of Weilburg today to commemorate his great-great-great-grandmother Grand Duchess Adelheid-Marie, who died 100 years ago today on November 24, 1916. Weilburg, of course, in the ancestral home of the branch of the House of Nassau which has been ruling the Grand Duchy since 1890. The wife of Grand Duke Adolph died in nearby Königstein im Taunus, also located in the old Duchy of Nassau, and was laid to rest at the ducal crypt next to the Schloss in Weilburg. Naturally, the traditional Bürgergarde, founded on the occasion of Grand Duke Adolph parents' wedding, was also present for the event as were local politicians including mayor Hans-Peter Schick.

And yes, this is possibly and probably the post with the most links to Luxarazzi 101s in the history of this blog. We cordially invite you to get lost reading up on the history of the Grand Ducal Family, some of it before they even became grand ducal. In case you haven't had enough, you can also check Wort for more pictures of the day. You may also want to have a look back at the times when (not only) members of the Grand Ducal Family visited Weilburg in 2012 and 2013.

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