Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Guillaume Visits Speyer Cathedral

Photo: MRN News
Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume visited the German town of Speyer today, as did the parents of Hereditary Princess Sophie, Duke Max and Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria. Why? The Kaiserdom zu Speyer - or Imperial Cathedral of Speyer - is one of Germany's largest and most important Romanesque buildings and was intended to be no less than the largest church in the western world when building work began in 1030. The Kaiserdom is also the burial place of no less than eight Roman-German Kings, some of them Holy Roman Emperors. Among them is Adolph of Nassau, ancestor of the Hereditary Grand Duke. The coat of arms of the House of Nassau can be found in the western facade of the cathedral.

In January of this year, Bishop Dr. Karl-Heinz Wiesemann appointed Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume as a member of the board of trustees of the Europäische Stiftung Kaiserdom zu Speyer, a foundation committed to the preservation of the cathedral. Duke Max in Bavaria is the head of the foundation council. Another member is Archduke Karl of Austria, head of the Habsburg family, and thus a third of the great German dynasties of the Middle Ages.

More pictures at MRN News.

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