Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wanted: New Writers for Team Luxarazzi

That’s right! You read correctly, we are currently looking for new writers to join Team Luxarazzi for the 101 series! So if you have a Nobel Prize in Literature, worked with Shakespeare or other big names in one capacity or the other, or simply have a passion for writing and the world of royalty, write us an e-mail to become a writer for Luxarazzi. 

Whether you have an interest in history or traditions, fashion or jewellery, castles or genealogy, legal matters or mechanisms of the monarchy - as long as it is in relation to Luxembourg and/or Liechtenstein we are open to all kinds topics. Of course we also always have a few ideas up our sleeves so if you would like to join but don't have an idea what to write about, we will probably be able to provide you with a topic. Both blogging newbies or already experienced royal bloggers are welcome to Team Luxarazzi!

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