Sunday, November 27, 2016

Prince Paul-Louis at Bal des Débutantes

Photos: BestImage / Le Bal / Jacovides / Borde / Moreau

Look who is all grown up now (and yes, I feel like my own grandma saying that)! Prince Paul-Louis, oldest son of Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla, danced the night away at the 24th Bal des Débutantes in Paris this weekend. The ball, which is as famous for its fashions as it is for being a get-together for the rich and famous, has garnered an array of celebrity daughters as well as offspring of politicians and aristocrats to make their debut into society since 1992. Four years ago, it was Paul-Louis' cousin Prince Carl de Nassau who found himself in the dancefloor's spotlight. Back in the 1990's Prince Wenzeslaus was also among the cavaliers.

Prince Paul-Louis participated in the debutante ball as the partner of Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma. As daughter of Prince Charles-Emanuel and Princess Constance, she is a great-granddaughter of Prince René of Bourbon-Parma, brother of Prince Felix of Luxembourg (as in Grand Duchess Charlotte's husband). This makes Paul-Louis and Zita third cousins. (There's also another connection: Zita's uncle Prince Eric was married to Countess Lydia of Holstein-Ledreborg, a daughter of Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Luxembourg and thus first cousin of Prince Guillaume.) 

More visuals of le Bal are available at Purepeople.

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