Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hello Liechtenstein, Anybody There?

This could pretty much be the motto in relation to everything princely in the past couple of weeks... It's never really stormy news-wise in the Principality but the last weeks have been awfully quite, haven't they? Here are a few snippets we missed though there also don't seem to be a lot of pictures of there and finding out about them included loads of digging.

Do you remember that time Hereditary Prince Alois went to Switzerland recently? Turns out Hereditary Princess Sophie and his uncle Prince Philipp were with him to open an exhibition of the Princely Collections of the House of Liechtenstein in Bern.

Hereditary Princess Sophie also met with the Vice-President of the International Red Cross, Christine Beerli, earlier this month. In her capacity of President of the Liechtenstein branch of the organisation, she also received a cheque over 5000 Swiss francs from the Association of Swiss People in Liechtenstein. She was also present when the Red Cross was gifted with defibrillators by the organisation "Hand in Hand" and honored regular blood donors in the last few weeks.

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