Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hereditary Grand Duchess Inaugurates Scienteens Lab

 Photo: Christophe Olinger
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie began a busy day by opening the new "Scienteens Lab". She was accompanied by the Minister of Higher Education and Research. 

Stephanie is the patroness of the "Scienteen Lab", which aims to bridge high school students and the University of Luxembourg. A key goal of the program is also to promote scientific education within the Grand Duchy. The program offers short courses and workshops in the areas of mathematics, physics and biology. Students are also offered holiday workshops and internships. They gain practical experience in the technologically advanced lab under the direction of scientists. Teachers may also take life-long learning courses at the lab while engaging in advanced research. The lab engages in exchanges with other laboratories in the region. The successful program is fully booked up for this year.

The Minister, while expressing his enthusiasm for the project, noted that Luxembourg needs more scientists. The program's coordinator says that the program give students a taste of science and shows them that there many are careers in research.

Wort has a few more photos of Stephanie at the event.

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