Saturday, September 28, 2013

About Stradivarius and More

Photo: AMADEUS International School Vienna
Already on September 8, the newly founded AMADEUS Chamber Orchestra of the AMADEUS International School gave their first ever concert at the Stadtpalais in Vienna which is owned by the Princely Family. The concert also included an exhibition of Stradivarius violins. As the event was also sponsored by the LGT Group, Prince Philipp was on hand to witness the occasion and give a little speech saying, "Stradivarius violins have been producing the same distinctive sound for centuries and have even risen in value over time. Cultivating and preserving assets over generations has always been our family’s aim – as entrepreneurs, as art collectors and as bankers." More pictures of the event are located on the website if the music school.

On a similar note... Also missed this summer due to me always forgetting to check their website were two events by Prince Guillaume for the Mérite Jeunesse in Dommeldange and Echternach as well as Prince Nikolaus attending an event by the Europäischer Kartellverband of which he is president. (By the way, those are with a probability bordering on certainty not the only things we missed, just those we caught...)

Source: EKV, Mérite Jeunesse, AMADEUS International School Vienna

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