Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Religious Wedding in Videos ***

Photo: Guy Wolff / Cour grand-ducale
As it was hardly to miss on this blog, Prince Félix and Princess Claire got religiously hitched today. While we could only provide pictures thus far, videos have now become available. This post is going to be updated in the hours and days to come with more moving pictures.

RTL has a report about the wedding from their evening news. In addition, they also offer a montage the most important moments of today as well as an interview with the bridal couple and a little portrait about Prince Félix. They have more during one of their programmes on Monday. (Update: Here you go!)

Wort also has a short video report about the nuptials including videos with curious onlookers.

A longer report by Dutch royalty magazine Blauw Bloed can be found here. It starts in the beginning but if you do not wish to watch the reports inbetween, just skip ahead to 22:00 and 32:18 respectively.

Royalty show Place Royale by Belgian Channel RTL TVI also has a lengthy report about the wedding.

Two short videos of the religious ceremony and Prince Félix and Princess Claire leaving the church are available via Var Matin.

Ch-ch-check this out for the entire wedding ceremony"

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