Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Showjumping in Austria

Source: GigabitVision / Youtube

Over the course of the last weekend, the Austrian championships as well as the Austrian state championships (don't ask me where the difference lies...) in showjumping took place in Ebreichsdorf near Vienna. One of the main sponsors of the horseriding event was the LGT Bank Austria which is owned by the Princely Family and so it's not a big surprise that a family member, in the person of Princess Marie (as in Prinzessin Marie, Prince Constantin's wife, not Fürstin Marie), was on hand to congratulate the winners. She was accompanied to the event by two of her children, Princess Georgina and Prince Benedikt.

Pictures of the event are located on the website of Magna Racino and Scan Pictures. As you have likely already noticed due to the Youtube video above, Princess Marie also gave an interview on the occasion in which she talks about the affection the Liechtenstein family has for horses, why it is so important to support young riders and a few related topics.

Source: Magina Racino, GigabitVision

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