Thursday, September 12, 2013

Children With Crowns and Other News

Photo: Daniel Ospelt / Liechtensteiner Vaterland /
Today, Princess Marie is celebrating her name day. As it has become a tradition she is doing so together with the children of the Principality and let's face it, is there a cuter way to do so than with children wearing self-made crowns? No there isn't. 

This year, the Princess had invited the children attending the kindergarten and the primary school of Triesenberg to visit her in her castle's garden but as the weather wasn't good, they had to go to the Vaduzer Saal instead. Nevertheless, the children were able to give their singing and dancing performances and gift their Princess with flowers. A gallery of 81 very cute visuals of children wearing crowns is available at Volksblatt while Vaterland has another 51. A video of the celebrations including an interview with Princess Marie can be found at 1 FL TV (just skip ahead to 3:57).

Not technically news but a Grand Ducal sighting in Luxembourg... Over the course of the last week, the junior volunteer fire brigades of the canton Esch-sur-Alzette had their annual youth camp and while out and about in the city, they ran into no other than Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Princess Alexandra who happily posed for pictures with the young firefighters.

Also already last week and kinda missed in everything else that went on, Hereditary Prince Alois welcomed Bosnia and Herzegovina's minister of security at Schloss Vaduz. Fahrudin Radončić thanked the Hereditary Prince and the entire country for their efforts to help BiH after the Bosnian War and called projects of cooperation and education in agriculture as great successes. The minister and the Hereditary Prince also talked about the importance of European and Euro-Atlantic integration and the European path of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For a picture of the two, go and check out the Sarajevo Times.

Meanwhile in wedding news (Let's face it, we don't have many so we have to cling to everything we get.) it seems that Prince Félix and his lovely lady and wife-to-be Claire Lademacher have given an interview to Svensk Damtidning. Not sure why they chose a Swedish magazine - there's a great possibility that the whole thing was a pool interview - but the first bits and pieces of the interview that will be published two weeks time are available on their website.

If my knowledge of how to work Google Translator serves me right, Claire tells that her "role in the Grand Ducal Family will be determined by their agenda. There are going to be events that I will attend as a member and ambassador of the Family. I consider it as an honour to have the opportunity to represent my future husband's country." Fräulein Lademacher also tells that one of her main priority will be to continue her studies and to find the right balance between her work, family and home life.

Sources: My Wort, Sarajevo Times, Vaterland, Svensk Damtidning

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