Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Introducing... Princess Claire AND Princess Tessy

I'm sure it doesn't come as a shock to anyone that the website of the cour is now updated to reflect the marriage of Prince Félix and Princess Claire. With their approved marriage Princess Claire became a member of  the Grand Ducal House and the Grand Ducal Family. The biographical section on the newest member of the family contains a few unknown tidbits reflecting her work history and personal hobbies.

What may come as a shock is that Princess Tessy is now also included with her own section. Perhaps this was a 7th anniversary present. Maybe it was just impossible not to include Tessy after seven years of impeccable behavior despite 'only' being a member of the Grand Ducal Family due to the issue of marital consent (and renunciation). Possibly it just seemed the natural thing to do after including the spouses of Prince Guillaume and Prince Félix. Whatever the reason, we here at Luxarazzi are delighted (seriously, we're excited) to see Princess Tessy progress from a faint mention in Louis' section to a link at the bottom of his section to finally having her own section! A big Merci! to the cour for making our day.

Be sure to check out the updated website of the cour. Also, be sure to check the blog tomorrow afternoon when we'll explain all about the new (2012) distinctions between being a member of the Grand Ducal Line, the Grand Ducal House and the Grand Ducal Family, for those who don't read the FAQ often.

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