Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Turning 18 in Liechtenstein

Photo: Pd / Liechtensteiner Vaterland /
Alright ladies and gentlemen, get your binoculars ready as for today's post there is some spotting ability required... Although we are not 100% sure ourselves, we do think that it is quite likely that you can see Prince Wenzel, oldest son of Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie, in the last row in the picture above. (Yes, I know that his full name is Joseph Wenzel but he has simply been refered to as Wenzel by the media since he was about three years old.)

Like some other German-speaking countries, Liechtenstein has the tradition of Jungbürgerfeiern, which literally translates to young citizens celebration and means that all the people turning 18 during a year are invited for a get-together with their local politicians. While it seems to be a more formal thing in Austria and Switzerland, it seems to be a more fun-filled occasion in the Principality. Together with the mayor of Vaduz, those inhabitants of Vaduz turning 18 this year, which includes Prince Wenzel, were invited to a drink at the town hall, bowling, dinner at a Italian restaurant and a rock concert -- not to shabby, eh!?

Source: Vaterland


  1. It was about time she was added.

  2. i can't really tell which guy he is from the picture, can you be more specific or do you have any larger picture? Thank you for the post, keep up the good work =]

  3. Thanks!

    No, it's the only picture there is. We believe he is the guy in the last row, third from the right. Behind the guy in the white shirt.