Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Guest List So Far ****

After wading and wading through tons of pictures of the wedding of Prince Félix and his now also religiously wedded wife née Claire Lademacher and possibly getting a Pierre Casiraghi overdose, we have come up with a guest list. Sadly, the cour hasn't provided one so it was up to us to spy all the royals and nobles in attendance. (A special thanks goes to those who helped by finding pictures!) Despite our best efforts, we have missed many guests though I daresay that's rather the photographers fault for not snapping pictures of the people in question. Apologies if there are any misidentifications.

It's entirely possible that more pictures will surface in the days to come. Whenever we spy a new guest, we will make sure to update this list. If you find out about the attendance of an previously unmentioned guest, please let us know, it is much appreciated!

Family of the groom

Grand Duke Henri
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
Prince Louis, Princess Tessy,
HGD Guillaume and HGDss Stéphanie
(Photo: Getty Images)

Grand Duke Jean

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie

Prince Louis
Princess Tessy
Prince Gabriel
Prince Noah

Princess Alexandra

Prince Sébastien

Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria
Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria, née Princess of Luxembourg

Count Rodolphe of Limburg-Stirum
Countess Marie-Christine of Limburg-Stirum, née Archduchess of Austria

Archduchess Marie-Christine
and Count Rodolphe
(Photo: Getty Images)
Archduke Imre of Austria
Archduchess Kathleen of Austria

Archduke Christoph of Austria
Archduchess Adélaïde of Austria

Archduke Alexander of Austria

Archduchess Gabriella of Austria

Prince Jean of Luxembourg
Countess Diane of Nassau

Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau

Prince Constantin of Nassau

Prince Wenceslas of Nassau

Prince Carl of Nassau
Prince Guillaume and Princess
Sibilla with their son
Prince Paul-Louis
(Photo: Getty Images)

Prince Nikolaus von und zu Liechtenstein
Princess Margaretha von und zu Liechtenstein, née Princess of Luxembourg

Princess Maria-Anunciata von und zu Liechtenstein

Princess Marie-Astrid von und zu Liechtenstein

Prince Josef von und zu Liechtenstein

Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg
Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg
Prince Paul-Louis of Nassau

Antonio Mestre, brother of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

Cataline Esteve, sister of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

Katarina Esteve

The Grand Ducal Couple with
Gabriele and Hartmut Lademacher
(Photo: Getty Images)
Victoria Esteve

Natalia Esteve 

Luis Mestre, brother of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
Nicole Mestre

Luis Mestre

Maike Mestre

Victor Batista, uncle of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

Family of the bride

Hartmut Lademacher
Gabriele Lademacher

Felix Lademacher
Princess Alexandra
and Felix Lademacher
(Photo: Getty Images)

Volkmar Schneider, brother of Gabriele Lademacher
Neda Schneider

Joachim Schneider, brother of Gabriele Lademacher
Verena Schneider

Eberhard Czempiel
Siegrid Czempiel, sister of Hartmut Lademacher

Cousins of Princess Claire


Patricia Caspar

Peter Cauro
The witnesses (from left to right):
Richard, Alexandra, Sébastien, Felix,
Patricia, Lola, Xavier, Maria, Anna,
Peter, Lola and Lawrence)
(Photo: DDP)

Xavier Cauro

Don Lawrence Doimi de Frankopan

Anna-Maria Pamin

Maria Sanchez

Richard Thistlethwaite

Lola Toscani 

Other guests

Count Riprand von und zu Arco-Zinneberg
Countess Maria-Beatrice von und zu Arco-Zinneberg, née Archduchess of Austria-Este

Countess Anna von und zu Arco-Zinneberg
Archduchess Anna-Gabriele
and grandson Prince Dimitri
(Photo: Getty Images)

Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinneberg

Archduke Rudolf of Austria
Archduchess Hélène of Austria, née de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck

Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria
Archduchess Estelle of Austria

Archduchess Priscilla of Austria

Archduchess Anna-Gabriele of Austria, née Princess of Wrede

Archduke Karl-Peter of Austria
Archduchess Alexandra of Austria, née Princess of Wrede

Archduke Michael of Austria
Archduchess Christiana of Austria, née Princess of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg

Prince Laurent of Belgium

Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este
Prince Amedeo and Prince
Joachim of Belgium
(Photo: Getty Images)

Princess Maria-Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este

Prince Joachim of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este

Donna Beatrice Borromeo

Pierre Casiraghi

Duke Rudolf of Croÿ
Duchess Alexandra of Croÿ, née Miloradovich

Don Diego Fernández de Córdova y Cerveró
Éleonore de Potesta

Don Peter Doimi de Frankopan
Donna Jessica Doimi de Frankopan
Katarina Doimi de Frankopan
Flora Doimi de Frankopan

Jean Fruchaud
Tatiana Fruchaud, née Princess Radziwiłł

The Potesta family (Photo: Getty Images)
Prince Piotr Galitzine
Princess Maria-Anna Galitzine, née Archduchess of Austria

Princess Tatiana Galitzine

Princess Alexandra Galitzine

Princess Maria Galitzine

Prince Dimitri Galitzine

Prince Ioann Galitzine

Laurent Mosar, president of the Chamber of Deputies

Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein
Princess Isabelle von und zu Liechtenstein

Prince Wenzeslaus von und zu Liechtenstein

Princess Isabelle and
Prince Wenzeslaus
(Photo: Getty Images)
Prince Rudolf von und zu Liechtenstein
Princess Tılsım von und zu Liechtenstein

Prince Michel de Ligne
Princess Eleonora de Ligne, née Princess de Orléans e Bragança

Princess Alix de Ligne

Prince Henri de Ligne

Prince Peter of Lobkowicz

Princess Anna of Lobkowicz

Luna de Medina y Orléans e Bragança

Prince Charles-Adrien de Mérode

Princess Marguerite de Mérode

Prince Lelio Orsini d'Aragona

The Prince and Princess of Ligne
and their children (Photo: DDP)
Princess Luisa Orsini d'Aragona

Princess Dorothea Orsini d'Aragona

Count Philippe d'Oultremont

Baron Jean-Louis de Potesta
Baroness Sophie de Potesta, née Princess of Hohenberg

Charles-Louis de Potesta

Elisabeth de Potesta

Olivier de Quelen (?)
Hedwig de Quelen, née Princess von und zu Liechtenstein

Nicolò San Martino d’Agliè, Marquess di San Germano
Anna Maria San Martino d' Aglie, Marchesa di San Germano

Raimondo San Martino d’Agliè di San Germano

Maria Alberica San Martino d’Agliè di San Germano

Prince Alexander zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn
Hélène Vestur with her sons Constantin,
Wenceslas and Carl (Photo: DDP)
Princess Gabriela zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, née Countess of Schönborn-Wiesentheid

Princess Alia al-Senussi

Eduardo Verástegui, Mexican actor and friend of the couple

Jaime Hernández
Daniela Verástegui

Hélène Vestur, former wife of Prince Jean

Lord Nicholas Windsor
Lady Nicholas Windsor, née Donna Paola Doimi de Frankopan


  1. Thank you!

    Felix Lademacher is the brother of the bride. Princess Alexandra is the sister of the groom.

    The others are friends of the couple. Most of them are former schoolmates and all are longtime friends. Lawrence Frankopan was already the witness for The Hereditary Grand Duke at his wedding to Stephanie last year.

    I don't want to be more specific because with the exception of Princess Alexandra and Lawrence Frankopan all of the others are private individuals not public figures.

  2. How are Don Lawrence Doimi de Frankopan, Don Peter Doimi de Frankopan and Lady Nicholas Windsor, née Donna Paola Doimi de Frankopan related? Thank you so much for your wonderful blog!

  3. Lawrence, Peter, and Paola are siblings.

    They also have another sister named Christina and a brother named Nicholas.

  4. I hope Maria-Anunciata gets married soon, not to mention her siblings, Astrid and Josef. When their cousin Marie-Christine was married in 2008, I thought, well, it couldn't be much longer, but wow... I can hardly wait! Been waiting for years. :D