Monday, September 16, 2013

Witnesses Revealed

Photo: Oreste
Tomorrow, Prince Félix and Claire Lademacher will civilly tie the knot at the Villa Rothschild in Köngstein im Taunus. The wedding will take place at 12:30pm with only their immediate family members present.

Wort has kindly revealed the names of the witnesses of the civil wedding. While Prince Félix chose his future brother-in-law and namesake Felix Lademacher, Claire opted for her future sister-in-law Princess Alexandra.

The moves don't seem very surprising as the entire family and their circle of friends seem to be a tight-knit group. I have seen a few pictures of Alexandra and Claire over the years in which they appeared to be close. (Above you can see them together with Lawrence Frankopan, who, as you might recall, was one of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume's witnesses last year.) I guess the same can be said for the two Felixs.

Source: Wort

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  1. Thanks for posting. Interesting that they will manage a winery.