Monday, September 23, 2013

The Cousins at the Wedding Vol. 2

Seeing how continuously popular our last post presenting the cousins at the wedding is -- Nah, I don't blame you, I like looking at them, too! -- we thought we do such a post again with the cousins who attended the wedding of Prince Félix to give you some eye candy to ease into a new week...
Photos: Getty Images
First up are who we like to call the Habsburg cousins, the children of Princess Marie-Astrid and her husband Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria. It seems like their recent wedding boom did some wonders in the degree of familiarity to photographers. From left to right we have Archduchess Marie-Christine and Archduchess Kathleen - accompanied by their respective husbands', Count Rodolphe de Limburg-Stirum and Archduke Imre - reminding us just how wonderful pregnancy glow can be. Also in attendance were Archduke Christoph, his wife Archduchess Adelaide, the last bride of the family, and Princess Marie-Astrid's youngest children, Archduke Alexander and Archduchess Gabriella.
Photos: DDP / Newscom
Meanwhile, we aren't as photographicly blessed with visuals of the children of Prince Jean but we found all of them nonetheless. Prince Constantin, Prince Wenceslas and Prince Carl (as well as his awesome crazy hair that was sadly slicked back a little) of Nassau kindly posed for a picture with their maman, Hélène Vestur. In difference, big sister Princess Marie-Gabrielle made the unfortunate (for us) choice of leaving the church directly behind Pierre Casiraghi and his better half Beatrice Borromeo who soaked up all the photographers' attention so that we are left with only some blurry pictures of her.
Photos: Newscom
Sadly, Marie-Gabrielle's choice was echoed by her hunky cousin Prince Josef of Liechtenstein (who actually walked next to her) so there aren't any good pictures of him rocking some glasses either. (As a side note... Hi there half cut-off Princess Tatiana Galitzine in the blue dress and sunglasses!) Even though they did not walk behind the nephew of the Prince of Monaco, the pictures of Josef's older sisters, Princesses Marie-Astrid in a yellow Maje dress and Maria-Anunciata in some interesting golden number, aren't much better. (Actually, there is a better one of the go bold or go home-sisters right here.) 
Photo: Daylife
In fact, I have decided (My blog, my rules.) that the three Liechtenstein royals are functioning as some kind of double entries as their are both considered to be members of the Luxembourg family through their mother Princess Margaretha and the Liechtenstein family through their father Prince Nikolaus. So that together with Prince Paul-Louis, who was sadly the only of Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla's children to attend, we still got to see 21 grandchildren of Grand Duke Jean. (Three missing, three double entries = same number.)
Photo: Getty Images
Well, we did if my assumption was right that you already saw these guys and they are very well familiar to you?! If not -- Welcome to the blog! -- those are Prince Sébastien, Princess Tessy, Prince Louis, Princess Alexandra, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume.


  1. Do you know which other of the many tiaras in the family are private property vs the family foundation?? Josephine -Charlotte brought what seems to be half the Belgian jewels with her when she married ( and Lilian sold most of the rest), so i was wondering what sparklers are safe in Lux from wandering off??

  2. Is it not bad form in other countries to wear white to a wedding? In the US it is thought to be very bad manners. Just curious

  3. You're the best. More information again than is to find elsewhere online.

  4. It seems that all the pieces that haven't been personal property of Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa or any of the other princesses are part of the family foundation. That means basically all the old tiaras like this one, the Empire Tiara, the Adelaide Tiara and a few others. I assume that it is also the case for jewellery that was specifically gifted to Grand Duchess Charlotte such as the Chaumet Emerald Tiara.

    It is also possible that parts of Joséphine-Charlotte's jewellery were placed in the family foundation after the now infamous cancelled auction. Some of them were sold nonetheless though it seems that the major pieces (a.k.a. tiaras) remained in the family.

  5. Thanks! It feels like I read every article there was on this wedding to gather most of the information. I think sometime after Guillaume's wedding big parts of the information released were made available to the general public via the government website so I hope the same will happen this time.

  6. I think the rules have watered down over time. It also used to be a rule not to wear black at a wedding but a lot of women turn up in black dresses for weddings now. As Gabriele Lademacher wore white and her daughter must have known what her mother was wearing for the wedding, Claire must've been fine with it and who are we to judge. It's not like anyone wore a long white dress like the bride and most of the guests didn't wear white-white like the bride but darker shades.

  7. Great post, lovely to be able to catch up after the event. Can I be greedy and ask for the Second Cousins at the Wedding :) It was nice to see a small Belgian royal contingent...

  8. thank you! it must have taken a LOT of work to find these pics, and ID them correctly