Saturday, November 2, 2013

About Japanese Museums and Claire's Shoes

Photos: Nezu Museum / Chatelles
Apart from the official part of their stay, Prince Félix and Princess Claire have also taken the chance to visit the 'Ido Tea Bowls – Treasured Possisons of Muromachi Daimyo' exhibition at the Nezu Museum during their visit to Tokyo; at least according to the few visuals that RTL has added to their gallery of pictures of the couple's Japanese adventures. Apart from a great collection of Japanese and other Asian pre-modern arts, the museum also includes a stunning Japanese garden that the newly weds took a stroll through despite the rain.

While looking at the pictures, something especially caught my attention; Princess Claire's shoes. Her lovely loafers are by Parisian brand Chatelles and they offer us the perfect possibility to tell you something about a (sadly) only rarely covered member of the Grand Ducal and Princely Family, Princess Maria-Anunciata.

Some time ago, the oldest daughter of Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein and Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg did some shoe designing for the French brand alongside her second cousin Princess Alix de Ligne, granddaughter of Grand Duke Jean's sister by the same name. I am, however, not entirely sure whether that was just a one off thing or if the two princesses are working for Chatelles on a more regular basis. As of last(-ish) year, Princess Anunciata was working for a company that researches the history of art and Princess Alix has been involved in the jewellery business so it might just have been a little side job. Chatelles loafers always have the same cut (or whatever word you use for shoes as the equivalent of the cut of clothes), so it was the job of the princesses to pick out colours and textiles to be used.

Source: RTL, Me

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