Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Félix and the Wine Business

Photo: Marc Wilwert / Luxemburger
Wort /
It seems that Prince Félix is taking his new job as the manager of the French wine estate Château Les Crostes quite seriously as he is taking a course in oenology since October 3 or so Wort reports. Provided that a master's degree in bioethics likely won't help too much in the running of a vineyard, a very good idea on his part I must say. Prince Félix and Princess Claire also presented the estate's new wines today; to see a few more visuals of it, have a look at Wort.

The Château Les Crostes has been owned by Hartmut Lademacher, the father of Prince Félix's wife, for a couple of years and in the summer of this year Princess Claire was added to the list of owners. It was announced prior to their wedding that the couple would be running the estate while Princess Claire finishes her doctoral thesis in bioethics at the Legionaries of Christ sponsored Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome. If you should be any interested in their wines, check out the website of the Château.

Source: Wort

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