Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Political and Diplomatic News

Photo: IKR, Vaduz
In not the most exciting news of any royal blog ever, there were another few accreditations of ambassadors going on in Liechtenstein today when Luis Juan Chuquihuara Chil of Peru, Aman Rashid of Pakistan, Cosimo Risi of Italy and Jennifer MacIntyre of Canada (on the right) presented their letters of credence to the Hereditary Prince.

Meanwhile in Luxembourg, the new government is hard at work to shake things up a little. Yesterday afternoon, formateur and future prime minister Xavier Bettel was welcomed at the palais by Grand Duke Henri to talk the progress of the coalition negotiations with another meeting scheduled for Friday afternoon. Mr Bettel described the talks as "constructive" without revealing much more information. He, however, did mention that he and the Grand Duke talked about the celebration of national day and the proposed changes to the traditional Te Deum mass. 

Earlier this week, the future coalition partners expressed that it was not up to them decide whether the Te Deum should be axed but that they would like to introduce a "civil character" for the celebrations. Apart from being pretty sure that they kind of muddled up 'civil' (as in non-military) and 'secular' (as in wordly) - because otherwise there wouldn't be a whole lot left if they also got rid of the (not just anymore) military parade - it remains to be seen what will come out of this.

Sources: IKR, Wort, Wort

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