Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Official Visit to China *

Photo: IKR, Vaduz
If you ever thought that Grand Ducal visits abroad are not very well covered by the media, think again! Yesterday and today, Hereditary Prince Alois, his country's minister for foreign affairs Aurelia Frick and a business delegation whiled in the Chinese capital that is Beijing and there's hardly any mention of it but never fear, we will try to fill the void.

The main purpose of the visit was the opening of an exhibition of selected pieces of the Princely Collections of the House of Liechtenstein that will be shown at the National Museum of China until February 15. Considering that these exhibition are always sponsored by the LGT Group, I highly suspect that Prince Philipp was also in attendance for the opening (at least he managed to get a quote of his into the Global Times) and if we are to follow logic of the same event in Singapore earlier this year, Prince Max and maybe also Princess Angela were present to admire "Rubens, Van Dyck and the Flemish School of Painting". Such a numerous attendance is also indicated by the LGT Group who say that "various representatives from the Princely House of Liechtenstein" were present for the opening.

In the above video of the exhibition opening, I can definetely spy Prince Philipp, who is ther chairman of the board of trustees of the LGT Group, and his wife, Princess Isabelle. It's kind of hard to make out other family members considering that the video is of rather poor quality but I'm rather sure that I also recognise Prince Max and possible Prince Constantin and his wife Princess Marie.

Hereditary Prince Alois and foreign minister Aurelia Frick also grabbed the chance to meet a few political figures such as vice premier Liu Yandong, vice minister for foreign affairs Song Tao and minister of culture Cai Wu while staying in Beijing. Vice premier Liu stated that the relationship of the two countries shows the philosophy that all countries, big or small, are equal in the international community and both she and the Hereditary Prince Alois expressed the wish to enhance bilateral cooperation between China and Liechtenstein.

Two visuals of the visit, one of which you can already see above, are available at Vaterland and Volksblatt.

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