Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guillaume Turns Two and More Recent News

You know those moments when you randomly switch through channels and end up zapping into a news programme from twenty or so years ago? If not, it doesn't really matter but if you lived in Luxembourg and did exactly that, you likely just switch to RTL's Hei Elei Retro on a Sunday afternoon where they repeat old broadcast of a show called Hei Elei, Kuck Elei from thirty years ago.

As we are fast approaching Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume's birthday on November 11 - My, where did the year go?! - the same happened exactly thirty years ago in 1983 when he turned two. Prior to their little son's second birthday, then Hereditary Grand Duke Henri and Hereditary Grand Duchess Maria Teresa welcomed the international press at their villa in Heisdorf so that they could snap a few adorable pictures of Guillaume riding a horse, a motorbike, eating an apple and being very much interested in the cameras. Skip ahead to 31:49 to enjoy this blast from the past.

In much less adorable news, Prince Robert recently visited New York City to attend 'The Greatest of Grapes Legends Dinner' and Prince Philipp gave an interview to a Swiss Italian TV show that I can't tell you very much about because my Italian doesn't extend much further than "Me lo potrebbe mostrare sulla mappa?" but assume due to the footage shown that they are mainly talking about the Stadtpalais in Vienna, one of the palaces owned by the Princely Family, and art. (And all of that last part said within one breath, just so you know.)


  1. The Chinese media did pick a little bit up on the visit; you can see a picture of Prince Philipp here:

  2. Thanks! I tried searching but wasn't too successful; it's much more difficult with Chinese scrypt than with Latin or Cyrillic when you don't understand the language.