Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grand Ducal Ladies at the International Bazaar *

Photo: Gerry Huberty / Luxemburger Wort /
A few weeks after the Red Cross Bazaar there is always another bazaar being held in Luxembourg and attended by the Grand Duchess. Nice as she is, she usually brings along some rarely seen family members, this time it was turn for Princess Tessy and Princess Claire to accompany her. Together the three Grand Ducal ladies made their way to the LuxExpo this afternoon to discover the stalls of the Bazar International de Luxembourg. More visuals of them are located at Wort in German, Le Quotidien and Tageblatt, RTL has a video (starting at 12:50).

This year, some 95 charities will benefit from the funds raised at the bazaar by the 70 stands representing various countries from around the world. While 15 of the charities are based in Luxembourg, the others are from around the world and the money will support projects in the areas of health, education and food. Last year's edition of the bazaar raised 570,000 euros. Apart from drinks and foods, it also offers the chance to discover traditional arts and crafts from the various countries represented. The bazaar runs until tomorrow evening so should you be in or around the Grand Duchy, it might be a great idea to drop by, do some shopping and some good at the same time.

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