Friday, November 22, 2013

Bye-Bye Turkey!

After three days of all kinds of state visiting duties and busyness, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa took it slowly today and did what basically any person would do when visiting Istanbul, a little sightseeing; on their list of things to see before leaving the city on the Bosphorus were the Hagia Sophia, the former church turned mosque turned museum and often described as the the eighth wonder of the world, as well as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is more commonly known as the Blue Mosque and one of Istanbul's main sights.
Photos: SIP / Nicolas Bouvy / Charles Caratini
During the early afternoon, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess literally waved goodbye to Turkey and returned to Luxembourg. If those pictures above aren't above for you - Nah, I don't blame you, Istanbul is indeed very beautiful. - check out RTL, Wort in German and Wort in French for more visuals of the Grand Ducal Couple's little sightseeing tour. Wort also has a video of the last day including an interview with Grand Duke Henri in which he talks about a possible EU membership of Turkey and his general impression of the country.

Source: Wort

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