Saturday, November 30, 2013

First Ladies...

Photo: Albert Mennel / Liechten-
steiner Vaterland /
On Thursday while her daughter was in Madrid, Princess Marie welcomed the president of the MGV Sängerbund, a choir from Vaduz, at the Schloss to receive quite a donation by them for the Liechtenstein Red Cross. Rather spontaneously the choir had decided to transform their annual fall concert into a charity concert to benefit the victims of Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines earlier this month. During the concert they raised 5,750 Swiss franc with another 400 franc being added by the choir later on; then the mayor of Vaduz decided to round up the sum to 10,000 franc which will now go to a charity in the Philippines.

Meanwhile in Luxembourg also on Thursday and sadly for us pictureless thus far, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa assisted at a conference entitled "Prosperity and Soustainability ‘after crisis’, the role of social enterprise" by 1,2,3 Go Social. During the course of the event, she also handed out prizes to social or solidary entreprises. 1,2,3 Go Social has been supported by different members of the family for a while now.

Sources: Vaterland, Cour grand-ducale

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