Monday, November 4, 2013

News From the Far East

An exhibition of selected art works from the Princely Collection of the House of Liechtenstein will open at the National Museum of China in Beijing tomorrow. Entitled "Rubens, Van Dyck and the Flemish School of Painting: Masterpieces from the Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein", the exhibition will run until February 15. Parts of the collection will then be shown at Shanghai's China Art Museum starting in March.

On the occasion, Hereditary Prince Alois gave an interview to China's state television broadcaster CCTV in which he talks about Liechtenstein, the Princely Collection and things he and his siblings did to and around the art works that the curator of the Collection should better not know. The video of the interview is available on the website of CCTV. In addition, the Hereditary Prince's uncle Prince Philipp has sat down over lunch with the South China Morning Post's Magazine at one of the family Viennese palaces to give a few quotes about banking and a recent visit to Russia for their (very interesting) article about the Princely Collection and Liechtenstein in general.

The opening of the exhibition coincides -- Well, probably not really as it was likely carefully planned that way. -- with a trade mission to China. Thus Hereditary Prince Alois and likely a few other members of the Princely Family will be in attendance for the the event.

Sources: National Museum of China, South China Morning Post Magazine, CCTV

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