Friday, June 12, 2015

Fashion Time with Princess Claire

Truth be told: We neglected our Fashion IDs album over on Facebook since last December - let's phrase it less 'we haven't added anything in about six months cause we were simply too busy with everything else' - for quite a while. (Have any additions? Give us a heads up!) Today we are going to change that though with quite a selection of clothes we've seen on Princess Claire as of late...
First off, we had the Vertige leather-trimmed tweed jacket by Sandro (and a repeated Prada dress) for the opening of the Spring Fair in early May. Previous wearers of Sandro in the Grand Ducal Family include Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie.
Then we had a classic peak lapel, double-breasted blazer with ethnic embellished cuffs by the rather unknown design label Bless The Mess for the studio part of the photo shooting for Prince Félix's birthday that also featured a ring by Yves Saint Laurent on Princess Claire.
As well as a dress by the much more familiar Maje also popular with Princess Astrid for the second part. (Also: Hi there, adorable Amalia!)

Like I said: Got any addition? Let us know! (Truth be told once again: I think I have some more Fashion IDs for clothes worn by Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie as of late but I'll need to double check and get back to you. Hopefully it won't take us six months once again...!)

(with much thanks to our reader Skogli in the comments below!!):
Princess Claire at this year's Octave celebrations. Once again in a dress and blazer by Maje though (in my humblest of opinions) a bit on the too short side for a religious celebration.

Photos: Cour grand-ducale/Gregori Civera/Olivier Polet/Luc Deflorenne

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