Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sibilla Times Three

Time to catch up on a few things the lovely Princess Sibilla has had on her agenda as of late. (Un grand merci à Valentin for two thirds of these events. Well, not the events themselves but for giving me a heads up about them!) Let's start...
Princess Sibilla today (Photo: Qué!)

Already back in April, on the 26th to be exact, the wife of Prince Guillaume was among the guests of a reception for the presentation the new book Un destin singulier by Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria, the exiled child king turned prime minister of Bulgaria. The event took place at the Cercle Royal Gaulois Artistic and Literary in Brussels.

In much sadder Bulgarian Sibilla news, she was among the guests of a memorial service for Prince Kardam of Bulgaria in Madrid this week. The Prince of Turnovo died on April 7 after being in a coma for about five years. In August 2008, the eldest son of Tsar Simeon was involved in a serious car accident during which he suffered severe brain-skull trauma and head injuries. After a slow recovery, he suffered a critical setback in January 2010 and was re-hospitalised. He died of a lung infection in hospital in Madrid on April 7 and was buried according to Orthodox tradition shortly after. The memorial service took place on Tuesday of this week and was attended by Princess Sibilla and her oldest son, Prince Paul-Louis.

Also in Spain, Princess Sibilla visited the Palacio del Infante Don Luis today. The palace in Boadilla del Monte is considered to be one of the most important palace buildings of the end of the 18th century in Spain.

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