Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hereditary Prince Comments on Liechtenstein Being on EU Tax Haven Blacklist

Hereditary Prince Alois has given an interview in which he expressed his irritation that the European Union has placed Liechtenstein on a EU tax haven blacklist. The list by the European Commission features 30 non-EU jurisdictions that have branded "non co-operative". Also included in it are Monaco and the British crown dependency Guernsey but no EU countries, or as The Guardian puts it, "the new register does not include countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, or Luxembourg — all of which are under investigation by the European competition authorities, suspected of offering “sweetheart” tax deals to multinationals."

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  1. How exciting! It'll be great to see the whole family again. I hope Alexandra wears another tiara, not the small floral again. Also, the diamond vines on Tessy. The GD collection has so many options.