Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sparkling Sunday: November 15

Do you also miss the Luxarazzi Tiara Race? Do you also feel a little jewel-deprived? There's a new Luxarazzi series in town and it's going to be sparkly! On Sundays that fit us, we will publish a post featuring a grand ducal or princely lady all tiara-d (or at least jewel-ed) up. In addition to marvelling at the beauty of the garnd ducal and princely jewels, we will also give you a bit of history surrounding the sparklers.
And what better way to start then with the tiara that won the Tiara Race? In the above picture Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte, is wearing the Belgian Scroll Tiara made by Henry Coosemans in 1953 alongside Grand Duchess Charlotte's Pearl and Diamond Necklace by Luxembourgish jeweller Schroeder as well as Princess Ingeborg's Pearl and Diamond Brooch, which the late wife of Grand Duke Jean inherited from her grandmother.

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