Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Liechtenstein at the Neipperg/Limburg-Stirum Wedding

Photo: Willi Schneider / REX
While we are still (im)patiently waiting for more pictures of last weekend's wedding of Countess Caroline von Neipperg and Count Philippe de Limburg-Stirum to come up - no article in this week's Point de Vue, three pages in Bunte but just one new picture (of Prince Philipp and Princess Elisabeth von der Leyen) - here's another Liechtenstein face who rarely makes it onto this blog: Princess Gisela of Liechtenstein, daughter of the occasionally featured Prince Michael, in blue in the picture on the right together with Princess Xenia of Croÿ, great-granddaughter of Princess Antonia of Luxembourg, and Countess Maximiliana of Arco-Zinneberg showing us that jumpsuits must be *the* go-to thing at this summer's noble weddings.

In some non-jumpsuity news and to clear up some occasional confusion: The people described by photo agencies as "Marike Stine von Habsburg and Rudolf von Limburg" are in fact Countess Fanny of Khevenhüller-Metsch and Count Damiano Minozzi. Also spotted among the about 450 wedding guests: Jean-Christophe de Lantsheere, Count Alexis de Warren and Count François du Chastel (thanks to you know who you are). The church service of the noble wedding was led by Paul von Habsburg.


  1. Both Queen Mathilde and HGD Stephanie looked so polished and elegant and Stephanie's hair was amazing. Two very lovely ladied.

  2. Thanks! I was curious to see her from the front, as well as her husband Rodolphe... and just today I came across this: