Friday, May 29, 2015

Liechtenstein Royals at Haberler Conference

Photo: 1 FL TV
Today's 11th Gottfried von Haberler Conference in Vaduz brought out our usual suspects of Haberler conference attenders (is that even a word?), Prince Philipp and Prince Michael, father of the Liechtenstein princess at the Neipperg/Limburg-Stirum wedding. This year's conference, which was entitled "Be embraced, you Millions? The stranglehold of big states", took place at the University of Liechtenstein and counted former Czech president Václav Klaus and the current Liechtenstein Deputy Prime Minister Thomas Zwiefelhofer among its speakers. 

I wouldn't be too shocked to hear that Prince Hans-Adam, Prince Nikolaus and Prince Stefan were also in attendance considering that they have been in the past. In any case, Hereditary Prince Alois hosted all the participants for a cocktail reception at Schloss Vaduz this evening. Again, I wouldn't be shocked to hear that Hereditary Princess Sophie was also present. For a video of today's conference including an interview with Prince Michael, head over to 1 FL TV.

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