Thursday, May 28, 2015

Félix Promotes Wines in Norway

Photo: UbiFrance
Prince Félix recently visited Norway to promote his wines. On April 21, he was among the seven Provencal wine producers, as well as the Biscuiterie de Provence and soap producer Marius Fabre who presented their products at the French ambassador's residence in Oslo. The tasting was jointly organised by UbiFrance and Comité Mistral.

First off, the producers hosted a 'master class' at the Culinary Academy of Oslo where two French chefs, Mr. Charial and Mr. Chibois, prepared the food and the producers where able to showcase their variety of wines. Afterwards, the French ambassador to Norway, Jean-Marc Rives (pictured with Félix on the right), gave the producers the chance to present their wines at the French embassy.

A few more pictures at UbiFrance.

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