Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Photo: Pierre Matgé / Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn
...would indeed smell as sweet, but as with all things sometimes it's all in the name! The Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn (literally Luxembourgish rose friends) association has grown a new rose and, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Grand Duchy's Red Cross, they decided to name it after Aline Mayrisch de Saint-Hubert. The wife of industrialist and businessman Émile Mayrisch was a famous women's right activist and philanthropist. As such Aline Mayrisch was a co-founder of the Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise and later also became its vice-president and president. The Red Cross' current president Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa was on hand to undertake the baptism of the 'Aline Mayrisch Rose' which took place on Wednesday at the Château de Berg.

The Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn have more visuals of the rose baptism on their website.

Source: Cour grand-ducale


  1. so happy and excited after seeing Grand Duke and Duchess in Warsaw

  2. Well done to both of them!