Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Full Interview and New Portraits

Photo: Christian Aschman / Cour grand-ducale
Here the translation of the full interview with Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume (HGD) and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie (HGDss). The couple was interviewed by Deborah Ceccacci (DC) who has been doing all the sit-down interviews with the Grand Ducal Family as of late. The whole interview is available at RTL and is about seven minutes long.

DC: Good evening, Monsieur!

HGD: Good evening!

DC: Good evening, Madame!

HGDss: Good evening!

DC: The last time we had the chance to to an interview with you was before the big wedding about one and a half years ago. In the meantime a lot has happened. What have you experienced since then and how are you doing now?

HGD: I think we are both doing well. Even though it has been one and a half years, I still have very strong memories of our wedding. For both of us it was an unforgettable moment we were able to celebrate with the people of Luxembourg. The enthusiasm we experienced that day was a great gift for us, it is something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

DC: How was it for you, Madame? How do you remember your wedding?

HGDss: I think I agree. It's a wonderful memory, something I will never be able forget.

DC: What are all the things that have happened since your wedding?

HGD: We have done a lot since our wedding. We have had lots of contact with different businesses in Luxembourg as well as abroad. However, our visits to the different parts of the country have left the biggest impression. I think it was very important also for my wife to get to discover all the different parts of Luxembourg and its people, the diversity that enriches us. It was wonderful that we experienced the same enthusiasm from our wedding day during all those visits throughout the country.
Photo: Christian Aschman / Cour grand-ducale
DC: The wedding has turned a Countess into a Princess and a Hereditary Grand Duchess. How did you immerse yourself in your new role?

HGDss: I think the biggest difference was the change from being a private person to public figure. Of course I needed a little time to settle down, to discover the country and the people, to learn the language - which was a bit difficult - but I think that becoming a Luxembourgish princess is nothing you can really learn, it is something that you have to feel in your heart. It was wonderful.

DC: Very shortly the national day celebrations will start. Can you say that these festivities are important to you as the Hereditary Grand Ducal Couple?

HGD: For us it really is the most important moment of the year. It's the moment the country celebrates together and we can celebrate with them. It's celebrated througout the entire country by Luxembourgers and non-Luxembourgs. Many Luxembourgers living abroad are even coming home for the occasion. It's more than a day to have fun. We can also happily look back at our post and celebrate our common identity together.

DC: The last national day was for you, Madame, the first in your role as Hereditary Grand Duchess. How did you experience it?

HGDss: Of course I was excited - excited in a way of being curious and looking forward to something - how everything would go and what would happen. I was in no way disappointed but very happy to celebrate together with the people in Colmar-Berg, Esch-sur-Alzette and Luxembourg City. It was very nice to celebrate with the people and not to be an outside spectator. That was wonderful.

DC: You weren't born a Luxembourger but became a citizen. Can you say what national day means to you?

HGDss: I mean generally a national day is a very important part of the life of a nation and its citizens. As a Luxembourger, national day also plays an important role in my life. 

DC: What will your agenda for the upcoming days look like? And what are you most looking forward to?
Photo: Christian Aschman / Cour grand-ducale
HGD: I think we are most looking forward to come into direct contact with the people and to have many wonderful moments with them. We will have a busy schedule which starts with a visit to Esch tonight, then we will have the torchlight parade and the fireworks, which is also something we are looking forward to. Tomorrow we will have a new day with a good programme starting with the civil ceremony and continuing with the military parade, the Te Deum and the gala reception in the evening where we will have the chance to meet many different people. 

DC: You have mentioned it, the schedule for the national day looks a bit different this year, what do you think about it.

HGD: It is something we are very curious about and something to look forward to.

DC: The entire Grand Ducal Family has a busy schedule over these two days. Does this also mean stress to you?

HGD: I think for us it is an exciting time tied to some positive stress.

DC: The national day is an exciting time but you also recently celebrated an exciting moment in the family. Your brother Prince Félix recently became a father, how did you experience that moment?

HGD: It was a wonderful moment for us. We are now one more member in our family. Both my brother and my sister-in-law are so very happy, they are beaming with joy. It's just an additional reason to celebrate a little more.

DC: Thank you very much for the interview and I wish you a wonderful national day!

HGD: Thank you very much!

HGDss: Thank you!

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  1. I love the second photo of them best. Stephanie seems to be making a very nice working wardrobe. Her style is mostly good, at first I wasn't too sure!