Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcome to the Royal Business!

Photo: Parco Natura Viva
Princess Theodora of Liechtenstein, daughter of Prince Alexander and Princess Astrid as well as granddaughter of the much more regularly featured Prince Philipp, seems to have just gotten into the royal, well princely in this case, business of taking over patronages of things and opening stuff. Probably last weekend she visited the Parco Natura Viva on the eastern shores of Italy's largest lake, Lake Garda, to become the patron of and open the new Chelonia area of the park dedicated to the study and protection of European turtles and tortoises. 

Tackling the event like a pro, nine-year-old Princess Theodora, whose parents own a house near the park and who regularly spends time there, said, "I had something in mind that would help children care for nature conservation. I grew up in a family of animal lovers who owns four dogs and a pig. I love the nature very much and without it we could not live. Unfortunately, there are ruthless people who destroy the natural habitat of animals and this impoverishes us all. I want to help other children my age to become committed to the conservation of the environment."

The young princess is also one of the creators of Green Teen Team, a foundation whose aim is to involve children and teens in wildlife preservation.

To round this post off, I would like to apologise to both you and my Italian teacher for never learning more than how to introduce myself and how to get directions during that half year of Italian lessons while in school. Thus I had to rely on a crappy Google translated version of this article in L'Arena so if there are any mistakes, please excuse! There are another two pictures here and here.

Source: L'Arena

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