Monday, June 9, 2014

Tour de Luxembourg

Photo: Serge Waldbillig /
Luxemburger Wort /
During the past few days the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg took place in, you guessed it, the Grand Duchy. Once again the Grand Ducal Family's cycling fan number one (or so it seems) Grand Duke Jean made sure to watch the cycling race's final stage passing through his hometown of Fischbach yesterday. The special spectator was conveniently mentioned by Wort's live updates on the race but unfortunately for us there don't seem to be many visuals of it - only the one on the left - as basically everyone only went with pictures of the cyclists - I mean, (un)seriously, why would you do that at a cycling race!? - or videos. Last year Grand Duke Jean brought along six grandchildren plus a granddaughter-in-law to watch the race and while he went solo in 2012, he was accompanied by his younger daughter Princess Margaretha in 2011.

Source: Wort

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